OKRs – Objective & Key-Results

Abstract: 9 out of 10 organizations failed to execute their strategy. Now Objective and Key Results is a great framework for strategy execution. Within Uffective we have implemented a very user-centric and simple approach to set-up and track your OKR implementation. Back in 2005 Kaplan and Norton found, that 9 out of 10 organizations failed…

Uffective Connected Multi-Cloud

Abstract: System integration is critical to realize a service-oriented business IT architecture. Connected Multi-Cloud lets you integrate your critical IT tools via a standard API framework. Relevant data sets from various functional IT systems become available for improved decision making and advanced machine learning. Our customers spend great efforts to digitalise processes to increase the…

Remote PI Planning

Agile has revolutionized the way software gets released and massively increased the efficiency of IT delivery in corporations across the globe. Two central elements within agile frameworks like e.g. SAFe® are the PI Planning and the Product Backlog. Uffective Remote PI lets you run your PI Planning session independently from a physically location. Especially in…

Boost Data Quality of your Tools

It is easy to purchase a software tool for digital transformation. And it is also rather easy – although time consuming – to roll-out the new tool in your organisation. The real challenges only appear when the new software shall be used and updated by its users during normal business operations. After an initial content…

Agile Resource Manager

One of our customers recently nailed it: “It’s not about the budget, the budget is available” he complained in a fireside talk, “the key to success of getting things done around here, is to have specific colleagues available at the right point in time”. In Germany, we even have a word for it “Kopfmonopol”, which…

Untapped opportunities in digitalizing Major Bid Management

The bid management process is of critical importance to the financial performance of our customers – especially the ones active in business markets or the government sector. Bid management often resides within sales or as a side function within finance departments and companies have taken some steps to optimise the bid management process over the…

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  • Manage Multi Portfolios

    Linking all your commercial portfolios across business units and geographical locations to enable delivery efficiency and real bottom line impact.

  • Customized to your business

    Uffective can be fully customized to your business requirements and governance processes guaranteeing top data quality through high usage.

  • Management Information

    Powerful management information reports are available real time and can be downloaded with a push of a button – killing your existing time consuming PPT and Excel workflows.

  • Agile workflow approval

    Uffective supports agile decision making with state of the art Kanban boards as well as mobile approval workflows.

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Our solution is built upon a secure technology foundation and rolled out via an agile delivery approach. Customer centricity and data security are the core building elements of our solution.

99.9% Uptime

Uffective availability of 99,99% during office hours. Regular disaster recovery exercises. Latest Recovery Point Objective and recovery Time Objective < 6 hours

ISO Certified Deployment

Our solution is hosted in line with the best practice specification for an information security management system and is ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

Hosted in Germany

Cloud based service layer architecture solution using Windows communication foundation, dependency injection and source code control.

Strong security features

Automated recording of failed logins attempts, Tracking of real-time downtime incidents and regular self triggered system attacks to monitor performance under severe system exposure.

24/7/365 Premium Support

Strong customer self service features, second and third line support will be provided in case, questions on usage or functionality need to be solved fast and reliable

Leading Interfaces

Uffective can be fully integrated into existing processes and work procedures via real time webservices interfaces. The webservices are fast, stable and flexible.
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Can I check out UFFECTIVE with a Demo account?

Absolutely. Just get in contact with us via Mail or Phone and we will set-up your demo account within 5 working days. You can use the account 60 days for free with up to 10 users. If you provide us with some information on your processes and key decision makers, we even can set-up a full feature digital workflow for your business

How does your pricing look like?

We offer a subscription based on active seats as well as a pricing structure based on active portfolios. One of our missions is to offer unmatched market leading value for money. So our starting package for a full feature portfolio, starts as low as 490 € / month.

How is my data secured?

The security of your data is our upmost priority. Your data is stored in our ISO 27001 certified data center in Germany. Recurring procedures and documentation for security audits and automated virus scan cycles.

Where do you host/store my data?

Your data is hosted in Germany with our certified business partner CENTRON: The Bamberg data center consists of two separate fire prevention compartments, each with an area of 500m² for more than 7000 server systems. The entire data center, as well as its premises, are seamlessly video monitored through our security personnel. The use of our innovative air-conditioning technology for our cold aisle containments allow us to operate our data center with exceedingly environmentally friendly standards. Centrons entire IT-Infrastructure is redundantly laid out, and therefore offers high availability and reliability.

Where are you located?

We are located with our headquarter in Roermond, the Netherlands. In addition we have project offices in Düsseldorf, Germany. Most of the time however, our consultants are with our customers across Europe.