In the next four minutes of this video we would like to explain why you want to choose us if you want to further push the impact of your portfolios and manage them across functional boundaries in order to realize higher impact.

Let’s quickly recap: Organisations tend to be structured in silos with often conflicting targets Silo optimization leads to operational excellence on silo-level but not necessarily for the organisation a whole. And silos fight for scarce resources in terms of budget and man power. Portfolio Management is an orchestration methodology that helps to overcome silo boundaries and optimise the prioritisation of the activities and resources for better achieving your targets.

The European Centers mission is to help organisations implement and establish portfolio management. And portfolio management will enable your organisation to tangibly increase impact and to continuously improve. Our cutting edge tool will be a key success factor ensuring transparency from any angle and providing impactful and easy to use functionalities for efficient and effective management.

Project Portfolio Management is one of the classic applications of portfolio management. And we have a proven track record in implementing and executing PPM with outstanding results. In several organisations we reduced IT investment budget by up to 40% while improving the portfolio’s P&L impact. We speeded-up time to market allowing our customers to monetize their projects much earlier. In some organisations we managed an improvement of again an amazing 40% We established real prioritization and reduced the number of projects running at the same time by up to 80%. And by focusing the organisation on IT issues with customer impact we were able to reduce these issues by over 90%.

To achieve this there are three key levers that we will help you utilize First together with you we select the right impact focussed KPIs.

  1. For instance: commercial impact, time-to-market and quality. And we align when needed incentives of managers and teams accordingly. Plan accuracy and discipline in this respect is important but will not drive anyone to be faster or cheaper or focus on quality.
  2. Second: We ensure a single version of the truth with transparency on performance and what has been prioritized by your organisation. If you all – managers and teams – look at the same data all can focus on solutions rather than discussing or sometimes even arguing about the truth.
  3. Third: We help you to develop and establish a lean and mean process. Only if it’s lean your people will be able to all understand it in the same way and they will be able and willing to comply. Compliance must be easy and is crucial for transparency. Mean means the process is focused on impact and actually supports bringing things forward.

There is a lot more to gain beyond PPM. We will help you broaden the scope of your portfolio management step-by-step by adding portfolios including their inter-dependencies. And there are so much portfolios in your organisation. For instance: You execute projects to introduce or improve products. There are marketing campaigns to drive sales of your products. Customer centric KPI are associated to your products and projects have the aim to improve these KPIs. And these KPIs are reported in reports. Also, projects demand resources in terms of workforce. And projects have impact on applications. And applications are based on a portfolio of technologies. To sum it up: We will guide you uncover and polish these precious portfolios so you can leverage the their value for increased impact. Focus – Transparency – Process

Do you want to know more? Then visit our web page, send me an email or give me a call. We are happy to hear from you.