Many cooperation today are struggling to square the circle, when they are tasked to come up with the most effective approach to project organisation.

In order to keep up with competition and customer demand they speed up the adaption of agile project development by re-organizing their commercial units into tribes and adapting the agile manifesto. In many cases however their IT and Finance departments don’t want to miss out on the merits of a rather classical release and waterfall type budget planning. As a result digital transformation efforts fall short, the agile teams are frustrated because of double work and the politics surrounding the “best” development methodology.

Introducing UFFECTIVE Multi-Board / Multi-Portfolio 

Director Operations Uffective

Odo Klöcker / Director Operations Uffective

“With our multi-board / multi-portfolio approach we are addressing exactly that and basically taking advantage of both worlds. It’s kinda like ‘Wategile‘ ” explains Odo Klöcker, Director Operations at Uffective. “Agile tribe and squad teams can manage their daily activities in customizable Project-, Increment- and ToDo-Boards. These items are then linked to their specific project portfolios which enable for continuous IT release cycle and budget planning”.

The Uffective solution can easily be integrated via build-in interfaces on the agile front with software development solutions such as Atlassian’s JIRA and on the budget planing side with ERP solutions like SAP.

“Uffective customers are increasingly adopting the multi-board / multi-portfolio solution. We see that they stopped arguing about the right project development approach and simply stared collaborating and working again” Klöcker sums up the positive customer feedback. The solution will be integrated in Uffectives’ unique AI engine as a next development step in order to deliver even more insightful project results.

The Uffective Team

About Uffective: 

Uffective is one of the leading and fastest growing European Portfolio Management tools, helping customers of all sizes to effectively execute their digital transformation strategy. Our software is powered by a deep-learning AI engine, which enables an ever increasing transparency of investment decisions, an accelerated time-to-market of product and IT investments and an auditable,100% digital approval workflow. Multi-layer portfolio management across business units meets agile transformation methodology in the cloud. 

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