Cloudify Your Reports

Are you tired of searching, copying and pasting project information in recurring status updates? Would you like your team to use their time more effectively as to reformatting slides or spread sheets for senior management updates over and over again? Recent studies have shown, that corporate employees in central office functions spend up to 20% of their time with re-compiling information which already exists in the organisation. Since the required information however is not available at the right time, at the right place or in the right format, employees keep on mailing, searching and formatting.

From our point at Uffective a massive waste in productivity and something we are putting to an end with our Uffective Cloud Reports.

Imagine a system, where all your commercially relevant information is in one place. This information gets updated by your teams in real time and is the single point of truth when it comes to decision making. With a simple push of a button, you can generate your standard reporting pack in Powerpoint or PDF. The range of our one-click reporting technology is limitless. It’s reaching from simple project status report one-pagers, automated meeting agendas and portfolio road-maps up to full blown portfolio reports with financial KPI reporting as well as risks and deliverables.

Uffective Cloud reports will reduce your manual effort without reducing the frequency of the reporting required. You will no longer waste your or your teams time with reproducing or reformatting existing data in Powerpoint or Excel spread sheets. Our existing customers are increasingly adopting this productive feature and are happily reporting two additional benefits: a) By using Uffective as your central tool for decision making the required data quality is increasing massively, due to the fact that project members are keeping their information data up to date in real time. b) by freeing up your teams time through killing manual and dumb reporting tasks overall overall employee survey happiness results are improving.

The Uffective Team

About Uffective: 

Uffective is one of the leading and fastest growing European Portfolio Management tools, helping customers of all sizes to effectively execute their digital transformation strategy. Our software is powered by a deep-learning AI engine, which enables an ever increasing transparency of investment decisions, an accelerated time-to-market of product and IT investments and an auditable,100% digital approval workflow. Multi-layer portfolio management across business units meets agile transformation methodology in the cloud. 

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