Social Science #computing2018, London

Are you interested in implementing AGILE or WATERGILE into your organisation?

Please feel free to learn from insights from Social Science, which has been attended by our Founder Mark van der Pas.

A field research presented at #computing2018 has shown that the biggest levers are: Subjective Norm (influence from people in your direct network) and Intention (what do you intend to do). This is great news since they can be easier influenced than a persons’ Attitude and Perceived Behavior Control.

So start communicating on agile (esp. peer to peer and less from a manager to a team) and start confirming existing intentions using trivial questions like ‘Do you think it is important to start working agile’. Why does this work?


Please read our exclusive research paper:

Paper 372-Behavior of Organizational Agents on Managing Information Technology


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