Capacity & Resource Management

One of our customers recently nailed it: “It’s not about the budget, the budget is available” he complained in a fireside talk,
“the key to success of getting things done around here, is to have specific colleagues available at the right point in time”.

In Germany, we even have a word for it “Kopfmonopol”, which describes certain key colleagues,
who have profound knowledge or a specific skill set which is crucial for the successful execution of a project.
These colleagues or teams often – independent from the actual project management methodology – represent bottlenecks,
since they are simply requested to contribute in far too many projects.

Build up organisation team structures

Uffective offers the capability to define team structures.
Teams can be aggregated to departments or business units
in an organisational context or reflect flexible
agile working environments.

Different roles on team level

On a team level different roles can reflect different capability requirements e.g. marketing team can comprise skills such as digital marketing, market research, product management, etc. In addition it is also possible to created dedicated skill sets and attribute them to team levels.

Manage my team – capacity:

Baseline team capacity can be set by the system automatically with default values per week / month. e.g. Person A is available in the role system engineer 5 hours and in the role as system architect 10 hours this week.

Workload becomes visible

Since Uffective already hold the required project data, resource demand can be managed automatically:

  • Draw a line: What projects can be done and where to say no.
  • Re-Priorization: A new great initiative has been initiated, which projects do need to stop?
  • Solve Bottlenecks: Helps organizations to deliver more projects and to deliver them faster.

Combining Service time with business priority

By prioritizing each topic (task, project, goal) and combining it with the estimated service time, the backlog for each colleague or team can be made available.

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