Digitalize your Bid Management with Uffective.

The Major Bid Management process is wildly analogue today even though it is of critical importance to the financial
of our customers – especially the ones active in business markets or the government sector.
Bid management often resides within sales or as a side function within finance departments.
Companies have taken some steps to optimise the bid management process over the years.
We would like to show you how to get your Bid Management to the next level.

We understand the challenges you are facing

Time Consumption

It takes a lot of time to prepare a bid while you don’t even know if the investment is worth it. We know exactly how frustrating this can be.

Complexity of the Bid

Every customer has it’s own wants and needs and you want to fulfill every single one. This can lead to a very complex bidding process.

Time Pressure

You know that feeling when the delivery date comes closer and closer. Working under pressure is one of the biggest challenges in Bid Management.

Wrong Target Setting

Offers often appear to be more of a tech document instead of a USP argumentation which makes it hard to convince a client.

How Uffective helps you overcome these challenges

Capture your Bid Data in a structured way

Uffective offers you the opportunity to enter every single piece of information
about a Bid in one place.

  • General Bid criteria
  • Contract criteria
  • Company profile
  • Your product / service offering
  • Team setup
  • Evaluation & commercial criteria
  • Gates (process steps)
  • Status, Risks
  • Insights / Lessons learned
  • Document (versions)

This way, you’ll never forget an aspect of a Bid and always have a clear
understanding of the Bid Data.

Design your team with only a few clicks

Modern Bid Management is acting in 7 key roles:

Bid Manager – The organizer and process leader
Sales Lead – The communicator with the prospect/client
Commercial Lead – The master of the figures
Solution Lead – The product development expert
Legal Lead – The one who cares about Leagel, Compliance, …
Operations Lead – The product operations expert
Response Lead – The Marketing & Communication expert

Uffective enables you to design your team based on these 7 roles –
and it’s only 7 clicks.

Keep a close eye on the time frames

For a successful Bid Management, it is important to have an eye on your due dates.
Neither the team, nor the decision maker should be under pressure. To ensure this,
it is recommended to set all decisions gates coming from the end date, which is the delivery date. Including buffer for interactions and rework is a further step to make
sure, time frames are not tighted at the end. Uffective supports your time
management by collecting every date connected to a bid at a glance.

Don’t get messy – always work with standardised offerings and pricings from a product catalogue

If you have many Bids to manage per year, make sure that you offer as standardised products, solutions or services as possible to your prospects.
If you don’t do, you will end up in a mess and increasing the risk to deliver.

Our configurable product or service catalogue is a suitable way to get order and transparency around your offerings and pricings.


Steer your Bid Portfolio along standardised commercial KPIs

To be as successful as possible always steer your Bid Portfolio along the same standardised commercial criteria’s.

  • It is important to evaluate your potential success score
  • Estimate the effort and invest to prepare and deliver the Bid
  • Develop a good business case and forecast the offer value and margin to deliver
  • Have a clear and transparent stage gating to manage the process

Don’t do it blind – professional Bid Management includes capture, compare, measure and learn

Uffective supports you at every step of a Bid:

In the early stage of the Bid
Capture the potential success factors and effort estimation in a structure way

For the Bid/No-Bid decision
Compare the evaluation scores and priorities your resources

After a Bid
Collect your insights and lessons learned to perform better next time

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Even more to come: Major Bid Management hits Machine Learning

We anticipate that Machine Learning (ML) will further boost a companies ability to successfully execute the bid management process and outperform their respective competition. The Uffective platform already today incorporates ML in a broad range of use-cases like the predictability of a projects success early on in the funding process or scenario planning.

In terms of bid management, ML will automatically learn from previous bid successes and failures to inform the actual bid decision at hand. By incorporating a broad range of attributes in the bid scenarios proposal and building linkages between them, which have been unconsidered before, bid managers will be informed about how the most ideal bid set-up looks like from a resource as well as from a financial offer perspective to win a deal.

There will never be a 100% certainty to win a major bid. However by taking advantages of power of the digital process transformation in combination with the advance of machine learning capacities supporting modern bid management processes, companies dramatically increase their chances to win.

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