It is easy to purchase a software tool for digital transformation. And it is also rather easy – although time consuming – to roll-out the new tool in your organisation. The real challenges only appear when the new software shall be used and updated by its users during normal business operations. After an initial content upload and usage peak:

  • usage drops
  • users complain about usability of yet another tool
  • change requirements to adopt the software to your business processes rises
  • data quality in the new tool suffers and continues to decrease

Let us show you how Uffective enables you to increase the data quality in critical business processes and involved systems like e.g. SAP or JIRA.

Each unit operates business critical processes
In functional organisations each business such as Finance or IT is responsible for dedicated processes which are crucial for the overall value generation of the business.

Business tools are not integrated
Although theses business processes are linked in theory cross organisational boundaries, the tools which are used to operate these processes are not.

Some of the tools our customers are using are world class software tools with great functional benefit for the specific business application. They are used for specific operations in functions such as finance and IT and have already played a big part in digitally transforming the business.

Other functions are still using more general tools like (printed) Emails or spreed sheets to process complex corporate decision making. The challenge with this approach is, that this creates

  • data silos with low data quality cross business units
  • non-auditable and slow decision making
  • inefficient workflows and frustrated users

Uffective will support your digital transformation agenda when it comes to data quality in two fundamental ways:

  • We eliminate inefficient workflows which are burning the valuable time of your teams. All decision making which is still based on printed paper, long email conversations, or multi pivot spreed sheets will be integrated in seamless workflows within our Uffective engine.


  • We integrate with tools like SAP or Atlassian’s JIRA in order to create even more cross functional workflows. The integration will also boost data quality in these systems and hence support user adaption and satisfaction.

We set you up in less than a day

Sign up for free to the Uffective platform. We give you all the time you need to find out, if our solutions fits your purpose and solves your challenges. And we are happy to support you getting started in less than a working day.

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