Capacity and Resource Management with Uffective.

Have you ever wondered, if you can take the next commitment for a project or if you better say no?
With Uffective Resource Management you get a clear view on who is working on what.
See available resources and where your bottlenecks are.
Assign team members easily and keep an eye on their workload.

We know your challenges

Chaotic Excelsheets

Your Team is busy, but you don’t have an overview who is working on what. Excelsheets are not the best way to keep track of changing priorities.

No Priorization inbetween Projects

Resources are scarce, but are you sure that you are supporting the most important projects within the company?

Overworked Team

With so many new projects you need to support, how can you make sure that your team members don’t get overloaded?

Understand the workload
of your team

With Uffective you can see the utilization of your team at a glance allowing you to pick the best available team member for the next project assignment. Red utilization values show where you need to pay attention to not overload team members.
Zoom-in to see all projects assigned to a specific team member.

See project demands and if you have capacity available

Look at all project requests coming in and match them to your available capacity. The stacked bars show you all demands and their required capacity. Simulate different scenarios by hiding demands that can be canceled or postponed.

Who is working on what

With our demand overview it’s easy to understand which topics your team is working on and how much time they are spending.
Change time commitments or even team members and update the information in real-time.

Resource assignment
made easy

Project managers can plan resources and request required roles straight from their project. The requests will automatically be dispatched to all people responsible for assigning the requested roles.
Approval requests are shown directly on the Uffective Smart Start making it easy to assign resources. Just add a name and the assigned capacity to the request.


Capture and track time
spent on projects

It’s easy to capture time spent on different project activities directly in Uffective. This can be done by adding times in the tracking table or by just clicking play and pause buttons while working on a task in Uffective.

Manage your teams

With Uffective it’s easy to set-up your team. Just add team members and their availabilities and start managing your resources efficiently.
You have multiple roles to manage? No problem.

Give it a try!

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