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Machine Learning

Canceling ideas and projects is an important part of the Innovation Portfolio Management (IPM) process as stopping the unsuccessful ones avoids sunk costs and sets free resources for successful ideas and projects. In this article, we analyzed within IPM the cancellation of ideas and projects by gatekeeping boards as well as the possibilities of applying Machine Learning. Using the data from a large European Telecom organization, four different Machine Learning models were created to support managers making decisions in all phases of a project. All models have an Area Under the Curve (AUC) of at least 0.8, making them into possibly valuable instruments for predicting project cancellation.

In Technology Research Facility: Female Project Manager Talks With Chief Engineer, they Consult Tablet Computer. Team of Industrial Engineers, Developers Work on Engine Design Using Computers

Escalation of commitment in NPD and COST SAVING IT projects

Stopping unsuccessfull IT projects is high on the agenda of senior management. Learn from the natural experiment we published on how to influence project approvals and rejections in waterfall environments just by changing the governance setup.

Cloud computing

Cloudify Your Reports

Are you tired of searching, copying and pasting project information in recurring status updates? Would you like your team to use their time more effectively as to reformatting slides or spread sheets for senior management updates over and over again?

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Social Science #computing2018, London

Are you interested in implementing AGILE or WATERGILE into your organisation? Please feel free to learn from insights from Social Science, which has been attended by our Founder Mark van der Pas.