Uffective Connected Multi-Cloud



System integration is critical to realize a service-oriented business IT architecture.
Connected Multi-Cloud lets you integrate your critical IT tools via a standard API framework.
Relevant data sets from various functional IT systems become available for improved decision making and advanced machine learning.


Our customers spend great efforts to digitalise processes to increase the overall value contribution of their business. More and more processes as well as solitary and isolated data pools in inefficient spreadsheets, long email conversations or share point-type folder structures become integrated, when they are transferred to the Uffective cloud collaboration and processing engine.

“Organisations have been digitalising business processes for years now” explains Mark van der Pas, Managing Director with Uffective.

“However, most of our customers have urged us to support them taking the next step of digitisation by integrating relevant data points from various functional tools in one central data repository. This repository is then used to support decision making with advanced business analytics and machine learning. And this is exactly what we have achieved with Uffective Connected Multi-Cloud.”

Want to make this more transparent with an example? Here we go!

Say, you are using Uffective to empower and manage the budgets of your agile environment like Value-Streams, EPICs, Capabilities and Features. User-Stories, IT-Ticketing and Software Testing is done in JIRA from Atlassian or Azure DevOps from Microsoft. Relevant budget information like project plan values and actuals are hold in SAP. Via standardized REST APIs Uffective is exchanging these datasets bi-directionally with JIRA or DevOps as it does with SAP to push efficiency, transparency and data quality.

Our new Uffective Connected Multicloud allows you to re-use these existing data points in a public cloud like Azure or AWS or your dedicated on premise private data cloud. Furthermore you then can use Uffective’s build in machine learning or BI tooling as well as your existing BI tools like Power BI or tableau for further data analysis.

“Our core motivation is to increase the quality and the speed of corporate decision making by enabling  our customers in their interest  to leverage existing data to push performance. This is what Uffective aims to provide and what we have launched to the market with Uffective Connected Multi-Cloud” concludes Mark van der Pas.

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