Portfolio Management

Uffective Smart Start

To boost the decision impact of every Uffective user, we have developed our Smart Start. The Smart Start is the first page, the landing page a users opens, when entering Uffective. The Smart Start is your central hub to access project information, deep dive in data analytics or simply create new endeavors.

The RESPONSIBILITIES comprise all you need to take care of in the projects you are involved in. Uffective will pro-actively inform you about critical milestones coming up, risks you should be aware and need to mitigate, decision required to move projects forward or tasks you are responsible for.

The QUICK LINKS section is a real time collection of all the data items you have interacted with lately. You will find reports you have opened, projects you have worked with as well as colleagues you have interacted with.

THE DIGITAL BLOG informs you about the latest actions your project team members have taken within your projects and the WHAT’s NEW section gives you an update on the latest feature developments within your Uffective application.

Uffective Smart Start
Project Views

Project Prioritization

Uffective offers a variety of visual overviews to help you to get a comprehensive view about your project portfolio. From classical Gantt charts, to custom specific project lists over to modern Kanban boards – choose whatever works best for you.

Projects can be prioritized automatically by their financial impact (NPV, IRR, Cost of Delay or WSJF – weighted shortest job first), time to market or by their strategic importance and functional benefit to the business via Uffective Boards.

Portfolio scenario planning is enabled by linking projects to company KPIs such as e.g. revenue growth, customer acquisition, Net Promoter Score or cost savings. Depending on the strategic KPIs which are prioritized by the portfolio management team, Uffective automatically suggests the most favorable project implementation scenario.

Manage critical dependencies and project risks

Uffective enables you to manage critical dependencies. These dependencies can occur e.g. between user-stories in different PI sprints, cross projects from different areas of the business or within projects when it comes to resource availability.

Project risks can be captured with probability percentages, the risk impact and respective consequences. Risk owners can be assigned to mitigate the risk impact against a specific due-date.

Risks and Dependencies
Portfolio Insight

Portfolio Level Insights

We come with a full set of pre-configured portfolio level insights which let you take the full advantage of a structured portfolio process and the powerful database which administrates your data.

The budget insights gives you a breakdown by unit on budget allocation and burn-rate consumption as well as portfolio KPIs like net present value delivered in the current fiscal year or the NPV to Capex ratio.

Uffective informs you about the project execution performance. With one click you can track all remaining risks within your projects, the status of project gate approvals, your time to market and your NPS to NPV ratio.

Finally you get a split the amount and business impact of your mandatory projects, projects in your innovation funnel and running projects by department and investment requirements.

Amazing Admin

One of the functions our customers love with Uffective is our amazing admin features. Uffective is basically sort of a low-code platform. You don’t need to be a programmer or have any SQL skills in order to set-up, alter and manage your dedicated Uffective environment by yourself.

We let you add users, create your own project roles, grant user permissions, create your own project portfolios, set up your gates, milestones, budget structures, approval workflows and guided user journeys. You have a dedicated UAT (user acceptance testing) environment to test all your changes before bringing them to your production environment.


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