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Portfolio & Project Management with Uffective.

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Project Priorization

Projects can be prioritized by their financial impact (NPV, weighted NPV, IRR), Time-to market or by their strategic importance and functional benefit to the business via Uffective Boards.

Project teams can change the order of project deliverables or change requests via agile Kanban boards to be forwarded to the next delivery phase. Prioritization can happen within a certain sub-portfolio of projects or cross multiple linked portfolios (e.g. regions or countries).

Management teams can use the Uffective boards to review the current state of delivery and quickly rearrange their order if necessary.

Collaborate effectively

Project GANTT view delivers a compressive project overview of each project mapped to the current timeline, the project duration and the projects specific milestones.

Performance Tracking

Delivery Performance view shows the annual performance development and outlook including number of launched projects and their respective cumulated NPV, average time-to-market YoY and average for NPV weighted time-to-market

Budget Planning

Budget management view gives an outlook in terms of the amount of planned and approved budget as well as actuals and obligations per project and different phase

Approval Workflow

Depending on the companies specific governance structure, entitled project members can request budget or the following project phase via a full integrated workflow. Mandatory project information like financial information and functional requirements are automatically attached.

Once requested the workflow is executed in the Uffective tool and pushed via email – allowing for fast and real time decision making.

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