With Uffective Remote PI you can visualize your agile product backlog and run distributed
PI planning sessions globally.

Agile has revolutionized the way software gets released and massively increased the efficiency of IT delivery in corporations across the globe.
Two central elements within agile frameworks like e.g. SAFe® are the PI Planning and the Product Backlog.

Uffective Remote PI lets you run your PI Planning session independently from a physically location.
Especially in times like these where you want to enable the digital workplace and give your colleagues the possibility to have the same impact
working from a home-office location the right software tools become inevitable.

Each Team has a dedicated PI Planning dashboard

This dashboard is able to display the PI backlog, prioritize user-stories into sprints and  calculate real-time velocity per PI sprint. Furthermore it can be used to present story points and achieved business value automatically and to highlight the PI team risks.


Seamlessly integrate with JIRA

Existing user-stories from JIRA can automatically pre-fill the backlog of the Uffective PI Planning board. When your teams than run a remote Uffective PI they can easily drag user-stories into the available sprints of an Program increment.

Drag & prioritize user-stories into the available sprints of the current Program increment with remote Uffective PIs

This can of course be done by sharing the screen of one team member but Uffective also allows every team member to make changes at the same time like they could when working with post-its. Thanks to our innovative technology the changes made by one team member, are automatically pushed to the browsers of all other team members. Uffective calculates the load of each sprint depending on the story points of the allocated user-stories and compares that load to the velocity.

The Uffective implementation builds upon the Scaled Agile Framework and therefore links each user-story to business objectives. By promoting user-stories into sprints in the remote PI Planning sessions the business objective your teams are targeting immediately are highlighted (both in scope and stretched).

There is no need any longer to manually create brown paper program boards as Uffective remote PI creates these 100% automatically based on the data in JIRA and the planning of the teams.

All the user stories being worked upon in the next PI by all your teams become visible in the Uffective PI Program Board.

Display the business objectives which are delivered within a certain sprint

By hovering over the respective business objective with the mouse, your colleagues can easily see all linked user-stories required to deliver that business objective.

Dependencies between user-stories are also visualized using a virtual “red-yarn”.

Depending on what Agile methodology or SAFe implementation you are running in your organization the Uffective levels can be adjusted accordingly. The PI Program Board for example can display features instead of user-stories which get delivered by the PI sprints and are linked to the business objectives.

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