OKRs - Objective & Key-Results

Nine out of ten organizations failed to execute their strategy. Now Objective and Key Results – or short OKRs – is a great framework for strategy execution. Within Uffective we have implemented a very user-centric and simple approach to set-up and track your OKR implementation.

Remote PI Planning - fully digitized and Home-Office ready

Uffective PI Planning visualizes your agile product backlog for distributed PI planning sessions on a global level. Let your teams remotly prioritize user-stories, visualize dependencies and present business value automatically. Real-time bi-directional API Interface to Atlassians JIRA.

Untapped opportunities in digitalizing Major Bid Management

From numerous customer projects we have executed over the last couple of years, we have come to the firm believe that the potential of digitalizing the major bid management process is immense and payback periods of potentially involved investments are possible within month if not weeks! Learnings and pitfalls are shared in this update.

Combining agile project with resource management

The successful execution of projects depends less on available budgets but on having the most capable people available when they are required. With the Uffective Digital Resource Manager our customers can combine agile project and resource management in one cloud platform. In this article we show you, how it’s done.

The Power of Machine Learning for Portfolio Management

Lessons learned in Machine Learning: As we are now in our third year on optimising portfolio management using machine learning and created hundred thousands of predictions along the journey we are happy to share some of our amazing successes as well as some dreadful disappointments eeh sorry our learnings.

Uffective Connected Multi-Cloud

System integration is critical to realize a service-oriented business IT architecture. Connected Multi-Cloud lets you integrate your critical IT tools via a standard API framework. Relevant data sets from various functional IT systems become available for improved decision making and advanced machine learning.

Boost the data quality within your software tools

It’s easy to purchase software tools. It’s easy to roll them out in the organisation. It’s much harder to keep a high degree of data quality and usage over time. Let us show you how Uffective can support your organisational decision making with a boost in data quality not only in our software but also in tools like SAP or JIRA.

Partner Certification Program

End of November was a special day for the entire Uffective Team. We proudly hosted the 2018 Edition of our Partner Certification Program in our Roermond Offices. Business Partners from all over Germany made it to this beautiful Dutch city to experience how our solution can empower the digital transformation journeys of their customers.

Social Science #computing2018, London - Uffective insights

A field research presented at #computing2018 has shown that the biggest levers are: Subjective Norm (influence from people in your direct network) and Intention (what do you intend to do). This is great news since they can be easier influenced than a persons’ Attitude and Perceived Behavior Control.

Increase your teams productivity by automating your reporting

Are you tired of searching, copying and pasting project information in recurring status updates? Would you like your team to use their time more effectively as to reformatting slides or spread sheets for senior management updates over and over again? We are putting to an end to it with our Uffective Cloud Reports Technology.

"WATERGILE": when agile KANBAN merges with solid Waterfalls

With our multi-board / multi-portfolio approach we are basically taking advantage of both worlds: Scaled Agile and Waterfall. t’s kinda like ‘Wategile‘. As a result digital transformation efforts succeed and less or no politics surrounding the “best” development methodology.

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